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Microfilm and More

This brochure has information on the full range of IMAGELINK Microfilm and more.

Click the following link to download the PDF version:

Brochure (477K - English)

Micrographic Lab Processing Practices

This guide describes a method of predictability for captured images before they are developed. Following these procedures assures no lost time and money will be spent in re-filming or re-processing film.

Click the following link to download the PDF version of the Control Procedures for Source Document Microfilm Processing:

Guide (45K - English)

Practices for Developing the Reliable Image

This chart describes best practices to be used for successful and consistent film development.

Click the following link to download the PDF version of the Practices for Developing the Reliable Image:

Chart Guide (476K - English)

Conventional Process Control Sheet

The importance of process control in film development cannot be overstated. The Conventional Process Control Sheet is to be used to record the results of daily control tests made on each film processor.

Click the following link to download the PDF version of the Conventional Process Control Sheet:

Process Control Sheet (19K - English)

Storage and Preservation of Microfilm

This guide discusses the best practices for the long term storage of microfilmed records.

Download the following PDF version of the Storage and Preservation of Microfilm:

Guide (237K - English)

Use of Brown Toner to Extend the Life of Microfilm

This guide describes a process that ensures that redox does not affect stored microfilm.

Click the following link to download the PDF version of the Use of Imagelink Brown Toner:

Guide (75K - English)

Technical Tips

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Disaster Recovery Program

Our Disaster Recovery Program rescues and restores damaged film. And we will recreate your documents to duplicate a lost or stolen cash letter, overnight, if necessary. If disaster strikes, your phone call to 1-800-352-8378 is all it takes, any time night or day. When you call, the people at the lab will respond quickly to assess your situation and advise you on how to proceed. Personnel and equipment will be scheduled to deal with your microfilm when it arrives.

Depend on Eastman Park Micrographics and IMAGELINK Microfilm for the disaster recovery program you cannot afford to be without!

View Our Disaster Recovery Program